JEW CHAINZ two chainz tshirt

JEW CHAINZ two chainz tshirt

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Seems like it was a right of passage for all us young Jews to receive some sort of Star of David / Chai pendant at some point in our lives. I got one for my Bar Mitzvah. Forget who got it for me but fyi it was like dental floss and not bling as fuck like I wanted - so I think it just went in a drawer. So here I am finally getting what I wanted for my Bar Mitzvah (the theme was Extreme Bar Mitzvah, btw) - and that's a Mr. T'esque giant gaudy chain so that all the other mf'ers on the block knew who had the most chutzpah etc.

This is my first design in a while that I've decided to release. I spent a lot of time this summer doing soul searching and was on a 3 month long sabbatical from working aka it was nice out and I got drunk outside a lot so I wasn't trapped inside making new designs. That's what winter is for. Not like you were sitting around inside waiting to buy all my shit, so hey - we're here again. Cold winter upon us - fight the freeze with this blingin ass jew ice.


Printed on a soft as a brand new yarmulke 100% ringspun cotton, black shirt with iridescent gold ink (that means it shines bright as f like the candles on your menorah). Also this print runs right to the shoulder seam - the shirt pictured is a medium, the locaiton of the print (how far down the shirt it goes) might vary slightly based on the shirt size.