Happy Hanukkah Kids Ugly Hanukkah Sweater

Happy Hanukkah Kids Ugly Hanukkah Sweater

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Kids and Childrens Ugly Funny Hanukkah Sweater. Nope. Not a typo. Hanukkah. I said beautiful ugly because it's meant to be like an ugly sweater, but since I slaved over the computer for days designing this, to me it's beautiful.

Alright so what's up with this? I'm a jew. Couldn't tell? I noticed a trend this year - these holiday sweater inspired screenprints. But they're all christmas themed. What gives?

I think I cracked the code though. The holiday sweater thing is based on a trend of people seeking out thrifted holiday sweaters from years past that people have donated over time. Most of them are hand made, by grandmas. Not necessarily your grandma, but a grandma somewhere made one because they're the only ones who could possibly make something that hideously beautiful.

Why are there no hanukkah ones though? Is it because we don't have awful fashion sense, even when it comes to sweaters? Perhaps ugly sweater crafting is a side effect from eating bacon or other pork based products (jews, more specifically our grandmas aka "bubbie" typically do not eat pork, just FYI). The world may never know. This is my attempt at being the equalizing force to the holiday season.

Printed on a super soft super comfy mini-human sized crewneck sweatshirt.